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Social conditions

Living standards, housing standards and health care have developed rapidly from a very low level in the past decade in a positive direction. Over a few years, life expectancy has risen sharply, but infant mortality is still high. Epidemics of cholera, typhoid and malaria are common. The reason for this is not least the lack of clean drinking water and poor sanitary conditions. In many islands, the lack of fuel causes drinking water not to boil. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of MDV and acronym for Maldives.

Society of Maldives

In 1994, a new hospital with 200 beds opened in Male, and outside the capital are four regional hospitals (with a total of 61 beds) and 21 smaller hospitals. A family planning center was opened in 1994.

Maldives - Male


Male, capital of Maldives; 134,200 residents (2012). Male, located on the atoll of the same name, is the country's only real city and seat for, among other things. government, administration, courts, the country's only hospital, English-language schools and technical school. It is also the country's commercial center and main port with exports of coconuts, fish and breadfruit as well as boat connections with India and Sri Lanka. Airfields are located on Hulule Island.


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