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Social conditions

Slovenia was by far the richest sub-republic of Yugoslavia with a relatively high standard of living. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of SLO and acronym for Slovenia. Unemployment, which was extremely marginal before independence, was 8.8 percent in 2012, with the resultant social problems. The country has a well-developed social social system that gives the inhabitant the highest standard of living in former Eastern Europe, among other things. in the form of a state pension fund. On the healthcare side, Slovenia is on par with many Western European countries as measured in eg. number of residents per doctor or hospital bed.

Society of Slovenia

In January 2013, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption in Slovenia issued a report showing that both Prime Minister Janez Janša and PS Chairman Zoran Janković had systematically failed to disclose the exact value of their assets. For the prime minister, he had bought a house co-financed by a large contractor with large government contracts, and his spending in 2011-12 exceeded his income and wealth by € 200,000. For Janković, the total value was DKK 2.4 million. € he had not reported to the commission and there were return commissions from contractors who went back to the mayor's account via his sons. The consequence of the corruption revelations was that Janković resigned as chairman of the PS, and later this month the government lost a vote of confidence in parliament.Alenka Bratušek then formed a new government in February.

In April, the European Commission warned the country that it had to deal with the problems of the Slovenian banks. Prime Minister Bratušek declared that the government worked day and night to save the country's banking system. Rating agency Moody's downgraded Slovenian government bonds to junk status, increasing the likelihood of the country asking the EU for a rescue package. In May, the government adopted a crisis package to prevent it from seeking financial help in the EU. There was apparently an international campaign against the center-left government. In April, the German Die Welt assessed that Slovenia, together with Germany and Estonia, were among the most financially stable countries in Europe.

Former Prime Minister Janša was sentenced in June to 2 years in prison for corruption. A verdict has stated he would appeal.


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