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Social conditions

Lesotho is one of the least developed countries in the world and about half the population lives in poverty. Nearly half of children under five are malnourished. The worst is the situation in the countryside. However, the supply of clean water is relatively good, at least compared to several other countries in the region. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of LSO and acronym for Lesotho.

Society of Lesotho

The fact that many miners were allowed to leave their jobs in South Africa has not only increased unemployment, but has also affected the spread of HIV. Lesotho is one of the hardest hit countries in HIV/AIDS; 24 percent of the population aged 15-49 are estimated to be infected (2009).

Access to care is very poor; there are 13 hospital beds (2006) and one doctor (2003) per 10,000 residents. Qualified help is available at just over 60 percent of deliveries. Of public spending, 8 percent is spent on health care (2009).

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