Quilted Jacket Fashion

The quilted Jacket is not entirely uncontroversial. Many highlights it as a versatile jacket for an often reasonably humane price, while others call jack type for tantiga rugs. Manolo has selected their favorite models for fall.

The Right Lingerie for Every Body Type

Do you know what your body type? It is an important detail for your online purchases are perfect! Receive a merchandise in the comfort of the home it’s great; Know that this piece is best suited for you, is even better.

How to Use Women’s Yellow Blazer

For you who want to give a more cheerful and relaxed look to your looks, the yellow feminine blazer is an excellent option, and can not fail to be part of your wardrobe. In several shades of yellow, brighter or in intense colors, they also come in different models.

Swimwear Fashion Ideas

What fashion bathroom trend have you chosen this summer 2013? Surely the most favorable for your body. Throughout the month of August still ahead to continue enjoying the hottest days between the beach and the pool. Days to keep seeing the best bodies in bikini wearing the latest fashion ideas, as Irina Shayk a model • Read More »

Summer’s Swimming Shorts

It’s getting so unbearably hot that one has run up badbrallorna and drag to the beach. And just as the workout clothes are swimming shorts-in all cases, fancy ones-not something you find in a jiffy.

Jewelry for Short and Wide Necks

Sometimes it is really nasty. Since you just want to buy a chain, but then you stand before an almost endless choice of necklaces. Short chains, long chains, multi-row, with pearls, with or without pendant.The selection process can take its time. If you then decided for a chain, the course should also match the type. • Read More »

Cufflinks – How to Use

Learn How To Put A Cufflink, Where To Buy And See Photos Of Men Wearing A Cufflink When the full outfit was still common in men, cufflinks (or cufflinks) were synonymous with elegant and sophisticated accessory, being quite used at the time. Over time it has been forgotten, but to this day it is still used • Read More »

5 Must Have Summer Skirts

The summer 2015 promises much more daring and striking pieces in relation to the past collections. You don’t believe me?

Future Trends: Pants Torn, by Dolce & Gabbana

Yesterday, my colleague Sergio González analyzed the collection that Dolce & Gabbana He had presented at the Milano Moda Uomo for next summer 2010 and between the future trends (since there is still a year for Elgan on the street) there was one that deserved an own section.

Military Jacket and Suit: Right or Risky?

How many times we have been in the vicissitude of not knowing what put us up a suit when we go to work and need a garment that although us not harbor too, yes we protect rain or cold. The long coats are a safe bet, perhaps the most classical, formal, and elegant.

Jezebel News: Primark Becomes United States

The Jezebel news the weekend comes with new challenges on the other side of the pond, megastores, fashion lists and more: Primark landed in the United States. For the American conquest! Phoebe Philo and Beyonce in the list of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2014 Armani paid 270 million euros the Italian tax authorities • Read More »

From The Runways to The Small Screen: Cara Delevingne Test Everything

There is nothing and no one that can resist the face Delevingne model. After showing their vocal charms, now try luck on the small screen. How? With a starring role in the Timeless embodying Chloe, a young television series will have her husband serving in Afghanistan. But you do not believe that in the solo • Read More »

Jimmy Choo at H & M This Autumn

Is well known tendency of H & M to democratize fashion. As a sample, we have the collections of famous designers at affordable prices as the Matthew Williamson who has caused all the rage this spring. Therefore if you wanted luxury and glamour, but your budget cannot afford it, you’ll be delighted with the collection • Read More »

Primark Landed in The United States. for The American Conquest!

Today, when a signature triumphs in his country is expands towards the foreigner. If you are based in Europe will gradually expand to, later on, take the big step and cross the pond to present to the U.S. market. And is that USA is the place to succeed. And now Primark It has decided that • Read More »

They Also Are Targeting The Fashion of The Mustache

There are many famous, mostly Hollywood actors who have signed up for the fashion leave mustache, either by personal taste or requirements of the script. The case is that the moustaches rarely can favour a face, something that I fully share with my partner III, faithful wich of this youthful little look.

Rock Save Italy, The New T-Shirt Lapo Elkann

The great Lapo Elkann and his Italy Independent firm designed a new t-shirt created exclusively to support a campaign of Virgin Radio Italy whose motto is Rock Save Italy. This campaign promoted by Virgin want to publicize the the Rock culture all their listeners, not only as a mere musical style, according to its own • Read More »