Paris Has a Face. Marion Cotillard for Vogue Paris

How difficult are the covers with planes so close. Sometimes are so phoshopeadas that we do not recognise to who the stars, others the portrait does not deserve to the beauty of the Lady and others like this of Vogue Paris August, they are perfect.

The Largest in The History of Vogue, Lady Gaga Number

If you have seen the documentary The September Issue, you know that the September issue of Vogue USA (in general, the of all magazines) is prepared with devotion, hard work and special dedication. It is the largest number of the year, which marks the beginning of a new year filled with fashion. This year beat • Read More »

Elegance: Marion Cotillard in WSJ and Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar

Two covers I have loved these days: Marion Cotillard for WSJ Magazine y Miranda Kerr for Harper’s Bazaar in its British Edition. Two faces of the well-understood style: on the one hand the festive and luxury, and secondly, the sensuality of the lingerie fashion garments.

Ducks Water with Magazine. This Is Summer!

Just this week we have released summer but I have the feeling that it is ending, and that firms that we are presenting their campaigns autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 y 2013 cruise collections doesn’t help much to it. Fortunately, there are magazines that remind me that good is coming: Beach season during the holidays where • Read More »

I Want Sun Lying Down with My Harper’s Bazaar

I’m nothing wrong not when I say that the summer encourages us all and we do make going to work look from one completely different perspective. We see new points of view and (most of us personally that myself) work much better. We give the best of us. But if there is a header that • Read More »

Jezebel Kiosk: Covers to Take into Account This Month Coming

Have already passed the equator of the month, that means that the fashion magazines they are beginning to launch their numbers for the coming month. And today I do a review of the covers that most have captivated me. Or struck. Or simply, they made me spend a bit of my time. So what most • Read More »

Back to The Past: The Divas before Versus The Stars of Today

The divas have always existed although says that before were more glorious, stylish and appalling. I have no doubt it because look at Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra or the Ava Gardner Mogambo is surrender to its charms is male, female, cat or dog. Today I get nostalgic and bring memories of the past that both • Read More »

I-D Has Achieved It: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Shows Us Her Belly Pre-Mama

Absolute fan I am of the covers of I-d, but today a little more to see his new number. and it is that it appears the daughter of Carine Roitfeld, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, showing a prominent Belly pre-mama. That Yes, that appear completely without clothes like that not going with her. theirs has more class and • Read More »

Guess, Guess Would Who Stars in The New Cover of W?

The bad guys put face to have been loaded on someone in cold blood, look tattos on their entire body and now also pencil khol in his eyes. Ay if Brando (Marlon) lifted his head, would be pumice to contemplate those rings, those nails black coal, that tattoo coming out shot crotch address two blondes • Read More »

We Are Prepared for Jeans That Feel Really Evil?

I already spoke of the gaucho pants with the next new thing in fashion long ago. Based on the fact that there are 50 new next thing in fashion each season, it’s not much, but this type of pants are beginning to emerge as a favorite among the bloggers who are trendsetters (and then other • Read More »

Trends Spring-Summer 2014: Dresses Sixties Put The Retro Point

The sixties style dresses they put the retro point to the trends for the spring/summer 2014 more retro. They are dresses simple cut, can be straight or with a flight, but always above the knee. Lace, silk, flyers or glitters are the fabrics of the “babydoll”. Pastel shades give them the final naif roll. Although • Read More »

‘Curvy Revolution’ Is Something Real or Is a New Theme of Fashion?

A notice published in Craiglist I was looking for women who were not professional models with the following characteristics: “refrain actresses, models or participants in reality shows, we are simply looking for real women for a new advertising campaign, conditions: age 35 to 45, Caucasian, Hispanic, African American and Asian. You must have a flawless • Read More »

Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2014 Trends: a White Dress to Highlight Your Tan

White dresses are absolutely trend. White dresses help us to highlight your Tan, favor blondes and Brunettes, are very combinable and help us to not spend so much color. Low-cost brands invade their stores with designs of different styles with a common denominator: white.

Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2014 Trends: Jewel More Than Ever

If you wonder which trend is carried in the low-cost shops across the country this week, the answer is clear: jewelry. And I don’t mean to add-ins, not, the clothes are presented as true jewels. Applications of strass decorate necks of shirts, pockets or breast so that this Spring-summer 2014 We are more than perfect. • Read More »

Why Can The Shorts Be Very Tacky?

The shorts are one of the most used when it starts good weather and at the same time it is one of my most hated garments. I understand the convenience of a Bermuda (as they have been called life), more cool than pants, but do need some bring short carrying? They can be stylish but • Read More »

A Skirt Midi for Three Different Looks for Spring

The good skirts they have so many lives as a cat. Just search combinations. As soon as I saw this skirt of ASOs I thought the versatility that could be. From a Spring Street to a more formal cocktail look. Long midi, its pattern and colours gives to search vary on the same basis. You • Read More »

T-Shirts with The Message: a Pledge to Consider

Increasingly accepted more trends to be able to choose which better going with our way of being, or with our personality depending on the day. And that is why today we present a really cool (and easy): t-shirts in cotton with messages subliminal. In basic white or grey colours and different meanings. Simple, entertaining and, • Read More »

The Queens of The Safari Conquer The Asphalt

Safari style It is nothing new, but season after season to reinvent it. When we think of this style always come to us to the head of Yves Saint Laurent and his mythical Saharan jacket. For summer 2014 many brands have opted to create modern garments branded Africa on all four sides.

The Street Also Is Targeting The Trench

If the other day I showed what trenches could find in stores, today show how the bloggers from the moment it combine your garment as of life to their daily lives. Personally I think that it is one of those clothes that you buy Yes or Yes as investment in the future: it will be • Read More »